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15 Real Struggles Growing Up With My Name

15 Real Struggles Growing Up With My Name

There’s a hashtag trending on Twitter at the moment that has given me so many actual belly laughs.


It’s about the struggles some people have with their names. Or rather, the struggles other people have saying/spelling/accepting their name. The struggle is real. The struggle is also hilarious. Here are my growing up with my name struggles:



  1. Never getting a keyring, badge, door sign with my actual name on it, so having to improvise. Step forward, Katie.
  2. People actually turning my surname into my first name and not even getting that right (thanks A level tutor). Oh, hey Gwyneth.
  3. Being referred to as every variation, but the right one
  4. Having to always spell my name out, but
  5. People still getting it wrong even after having it spelled for them
  6. Having to deal constantly with “Nice to meet you, [insert undesired, incorrect name here]”
  7. Being looked at quizzically because I don’t look Irish
  8. Constantly being told “my grandma/elderly aunt is named that too!”
  9. People always expecting an older white lady to turn up
  10. Realising some time about now that I will fit my name very well – middle age is knocking on my door. I’m currently hiding behind the door, with the lights out
  11. Getting excited that my name was actually on a Coke bottle on the ads, and realising that 4OD had kindly personalised the ad based on my login name. Screw you, personalised ad.


So, I tried shortening and, seemingly,  making things worse:

12. Choosing to go by a shortened version of my name which apparently wasn’t long enough, thus prompting: ‘Hey, Kat. Mind if I call ya Kathy!’ from a colleague. Hmm, I see what you did there, but no!
13. The suggestion that I be referred to as Black Kat as there was a (white) Kat in my office
14. Having to always say it’s Kat with a ‘K” (‘wie Katze’/’like Cat’ when I lived in Germany)
15. The delivery guy mishearing and now thinking I am called ‘Cart’.

In truth, I actually like my name as it’s rare, so it’s special. Plus, it’s a family name!

But, yes, that’s partly why we’re referred to as Kitty & B. It has a nice ring to it, it’s easier to get right and protects my little Baby’s privacy too.

In case you were wondering, my name is Kathleen. With a K.

We’d love to know what  name struggles you’ve had. Did anyone ever get their name on a keyring?



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Kitty & B x

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