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You’ve come to the right place if you want to know a little bit more about Kitty and B. Who we are, what we like, how we work, how you can contact us – it’s all here!

Kat A little about us. As you seem like you might be interested :o)


A little about us. As you seem like you might be interested :o)

Get to Know Us

I’m Kitty

I run Kitty & B. You might also know me as Kat. Or even, by some other derivative of my given name,  which is Kathleen. If you read this post, you’ll understand!

I am a Northern English/Southern African single (but co-parenting) mum to a beautiful boy and a senior IT/Comms Manager and digital marketer.  I like beautiful, quality pieces and I am known for finding great style steals, which I’m more than happy to share. Before having my darling boy, I was a very frequent flyer and have travelled a lot independently, so I love a good travel blog post and finding awesome places to visit and stay – do check some out here. Recently, we’ve been to Spain and Disney World, Florida and Portugal together. I’ve been on solo trips to Nice with my BRB subscription,  Malta and my spiritual home, Provence!

In addition to being a bit of a geek, I also have more than a passing interest in fancy polishes, cruelty free lotions and potions, lovely teacups (for all my cold tea), fitness and nutrition, clothes, shoes and bags, prints and smiles. And, since becoming a mummy, I have developed quite a voracious appetite for kids clothes, toys, activities, sharing reviews and any great finds. You’ll find them here and on our YouTube Channel (when I’m not suffering from stage fright!).

A few facts about me: I uncompromisingly prefer quality over quantity, I am pescatarian, but I hate seafood and bananas. I had my appendix out travelling in Buenos Aires. I suffered pre-eclampsia in labour. I solely expressed for 4 months. I completed the Tough Mudder alone.  I like big puns, and I cannot lie.

I currently spend most of my time chasing dreams, sleep and my darling B!


B Profile bw 2.jpg

I’m the one running Kitty. I’m a very active boy. Mummy says I am the most brilliant and beautiful boy in the  world.

I like climbing, contortionism, cardboard and cars. I love the outdoors and keeping Mummy on her toes with my boundless energy and I’m always having some adventure or another. I suffered from reflux for quite a while, but started getting better once I started on solids. I love food but I shunned most baby foods and would much prefer to eat whatever mummy is having! I’m always on the go and love talking and a good tickle!

Always evolving and as part of the new look blog, you’ll find posts, but you’ll also find more video content right here to show you as much as we can how things work in action.

You can also follow us on Instagram and shop our looks here.


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We’re on YouTube and will be focusing on that channel for showcasing products and putting a face to our reviews, so you can see the items in action. So, if you’ve seen something we’ve bought on the blog or Instagram and would like to see it on screen, let us know.

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We share products that we own, we aspire to own, we have been recommended, or have been asked to review. It’s very important to us to be authentic, so all reviewed products, comments and views are our own. If we have been lucky enough to be gifted with anything to review, we’ll let you know.


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We are a PR friendly blogging team and we love quality brands like Joules, Boden, Mamas & Papas, , French Connection, Marks and Spencer, REN Skincare, Boots, Biscuiteers and My Protein and shop sites like ASOS, and John Lewis. We love to share, discover and curate are happy to collaborate with brands (mainstream and independent) that are aligned to our likes and content, giving our honest views if we do.


We love to share, discover and curate are happy to collaborate with brands (mainstream and independent) that are aligned to our likes and content, giving our honest views if we do.

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