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Real vs. Steal | Valentino & Chloe vs. Boden & Very

Real vs. Steal | Valentino & Chloe vs. Boden & Very

Real vs. Steal: It’s a love match!

We’re all about affordable style with all the quality. Here’s how you can get the designer look for less. If you’re itching to get the look of Chloe and Valentino, but don’t have the funds for the real deal,  Boden and Very and a few other quality brands are doing great alternatives for far less, that are quite frankly, a steal! And Boden ship internationally.

Ahh, ValentinoChloe, et al – we love you. We also heart Boden and Very, well very much!


In the first style corner, we have Boden. You’ll know that Boden is one of our favourite brands and we buy a lot of B’s clothes from there as they look great and are made to last. And I will endlessly covet the Rockstuds.  

But, the Boden style twin shoes have amazing reviews for style and comfort. They are definitely an affordable style win and have that same elegant feel, with all the quality, without having to break out the credit card. Score one for cash!

Boden have also just launched the Icons collection of grown up feminine chic and the stuff is beautiful. There’s a silk jumpsuit and some exquisite heels that I have my eye on and are currently pinned on our Pinterest. I’ve seen the collection pop up with a number of popular fashion bloggers like: The Frugality and The Londoner,  so make sure to check it out:  Boden Icons

Their studded shoes come in navy and black, striped and caramel and they also have a flat version.


And in the other corner, we have Very.co.uk. Very isn’t a site I’ve personally shopped with recently, but curiosity got the better of me and I ordered the bag.  I have to say, I’m impressed. The colour, style and faux suede material looks so much more expensive than it is. Nobody is pretending that it’s the same standard of materials and finish as it’s cousin, but it looks pretty darned good all the same and is roomy enough for all your essentials. Plus,  the price point is fabulous.

The Very Circle Bag comes in navy, black and rust, which is what I bought.



I’ve just filmed it for our Youtube channel, so that should be up next week. Click here to subscribe, we’d love to see you over there!

The Final Round

The high end designer cost with the Chloe Faye bag and the Valentino Rockstuds.


                  Approximate Total Cost: £1550

£930 for a small tobacco Chloe Faye 

£620 for the Valentino Rockstuds in Poudre.


Here’s the affordable design cost with Boden and Very


                 Total Cost: £147.75 or £143.25

£14.25 – £18.75 for the bag

£129 for the shoes



Have a look for yourselves, but I think there are wins all round on style and quality!

Credit vs Cash for Less Kitty and B




To celebrate May being mine and B’s birthday month, we’ve decided to save 2 people a little more cash by giving away 2 of the Very circle bags.

We’re giving away one in the rust colour and one in the black.

Some, but not all of the links in this post are affiliate. However, this giveaway is in no way affiliated to or linked to any of the retailers mentioned in this post. It’s just something we thought would be nice to do. I love my new bag and I’m a great believer in karma, so as we’ve had some wonderful support on the blog and YouTube, we’d like to say thanks!

You can enter for yourself or for a friend or relative, just let us know which bag you’d prefer and who it’s for. Whilst we can’t guarantee you’ll get your preference, if you are one of the two winners, you will get one of the two bags. That’s a pretty good deal!

There are lots of options to give yourself extra entries, so please don’t forget, to click through the Rafflecopter app below to log your entry!

B is for Birthday Bags of the non-eye variety! :o)


a Rafflecopter giveaway

* We do not own all of the product pictures in this post.

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