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Mamas & Papas | Baby Essentials from the Sales | Video

Mamas & Papas | Baby Essentials from the Sales | Video

Mamas & Papas | Baby Essentials from the Sales | Video

Mamas & Papas Sale Haul

So, this is part 2 of the latest baby haul.


This video includes that travel sleeping bag and other things I mentioned in the Mamas & Papas get the labels for less blog post. That whole series has been so popular, we’ll definitely be doing some more. Also, now I have (sort of) conquered my stage fright, the videos will be coming far more regularly, so don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss us!

All the products and more are mentioned in the blog post: here. But, they’re also below. Where they’ve sold out, I’ve given you an alternative. Some are priced less than what I paid!

We previously got the 0-6 months sleeping bag and booties at full price and I totally think they’re worth it. But, labels for less is our speciality, so make sure you’re following us so you get the head’s up first on the lower prices too.

Don’t forget, there’s also:


Top Tip and Massive Bargain

Oh, and the added Brucey bonus we got is that from the last shop we got a £15.00 voucher for spending over £30.00 and we used that to buy this jeans and t-shirt set in the sale, which I only paid an extra 80p for! #cashback! Sign up for the mailing list, you get loads of similar perks!




1. Limited Edition Cardigan (alt. £16.00) 2.Pram liner (£10.00)  3 Knitted booties (alt. £4.80) 4.Blanket now £14.50 5. Travel Sleeping bag now £22.40  6. Joggers/Crawlers* (alts £4.80+)

I bought all my stuff (except the booties) in the sale and had it on the blog. So if you want to see what I paid, click here for the post that was prompted by my spree!

Here’s the video, make sure you’re watching in HD! Please do subscribe and go to YouTube, give us a thumbs up and a comment.



* The crawlers are unfortunately sold out on the Mamas & Papas site, but I just found the exact the Bonnie Mob crawlers mentioned here.

Love Kitty & B x

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