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Learning to love my #selfie

Learning to love my #selfie


I am not at all comfortable with a #selfie, much less a picture being taken of me. I’ve untagged myself from infinitely more photos than I’m tagged in.

Lots of things have meant I’ve been on a bit of a confidence diet recently. I need to perk myself up again and supersize size my confidence! I realised it has given me massive stage fright about filming for our YouTube channel and that’s why even though the content is there, it’s been a while since the last post. That, coupled with simply not having the time.

Being a mum means the word self often ends with less. For me, it all too often means me looking like a wreck, but baby is well turned out and, most importantly, happy. Some days, it means being covered in more food than I eat. And that’s ok. I think it qualifies me as a yummy mummy. Or, have I misunderstood..?

It’s not just as a mum, I think we’re all guilty of it at times. But, sometimes, we need to be just a teeny bit self more  to show ourselves some love. We really shouldn’t feel guilty about taking something for us. You could argue that blogging is that and I agree. It’s really helped me to release creativity and do something with my brain when the boy is asleep on me and I don’t want to or can’t move,  or in the wee small hours when I can’t switch off.

 Let me take a #selfie?

For the other stuff, I’m taking some cues from F For Foxtrot and her mid-week pamper and will attempt a time out once a month where I do a bit of pampering. I need to pay real attention to my hair as I’ve been suffering with post-partum hair loss. Bumping up my vitamins, taking the time to nourish myself properly and spending a bit more time to treat it will hopefully help. If I can, I’d love to catch up on some reading, too and maybe even go to the Book Club I’ve neglected. That might be a step too far, but a girl can dream!

I’m also going to start taking more photos. Sounds counter intuitive, but I’d love more photos of me with B instead of hiding behind the camera. I also look back on photos now and think I didn’t like that photo of me at the time,  but now I see that I actually looked OK! So, I figure keeping a few records might actually help remind me that there are some good days in between the ones where my hair is a disaster, or my eye bags resemble suitcases,  or I’ve got porridge (or worse) stuck to my shoulder, or I find yet another bloody wrinkle!

This isn’t about vanity it’s about giving yourself a little pat on the back and TLC because you deserve it

This isn’t about vanity, I actually think selfies can be used for good. They don’t have to be shared, they can be just for you. But, it’s good to celebrate yourself. As I said, I don’t think we do enough of it. And for some of us non-selfie aficionados, a little selfie love every now and again might well be the pat on the back we need. Good job, you made it and you have selfie badge to prove it.

On the now rare days I manage to get it together, it’s sods law that plans get cancelled and half of the beauty counter and the lengths I’ve gone to to get it on my face goes unappreciated. It’s like that quandary about if a tree falls in the woods and no one sees it, does it make a sound. Well, if we’re feeling great one day and we don’t document it, does it count?! I’m being silly, but you know what I mean. A little photographic keepsake is not necessarily a bad thing.

For an extra push, I have also been told that people would prefer to see more of me on the blog/vlog, so my next YouTube vids will be onscreen (when I get round to finishing editing) and I’ll post more pics of me on my social channels, where I can. Not loads but it has to be more than one!

I won’t, however, be posting pics of me sans makeup. Unless, perhaps,  it’s post-workout. But to be perfectly honest with you, I’d still have mascara and eyebrows! So, yes, they will be my highlights. Know that there are lowlights, but nobody needs to see that. Let’s not scare the kids! Well, other people’s kids, at least!

So, I vow to tentatively step out of the shadows more; accept more help; spend a little time on me. And learn to love my #selfie.

Love Kitty & B x

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