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Baby preparations| 10 tips for shopping wisely

Baby preparations| 10 tips for shopping wisely

Baby preparations| 10 tips for buying for baby

Baby Preparations - Spending Tips

Baby preparations and what to buy! This can strike fear in the hearts and minds of expectant and new parents. Buying for baby can seem like a really daunting and expensive task. There is so much choice and so many different price points for everything, and of course, you just want to do the best for your precious little bundle!

I spent hours researching, going to events, harassing my parent friends for tips and advice and I am glad I did. It got me through those sleepless nights of pregnancy and I kind of enjoyed getting excited and seeing what was out there.

This post follows on from our 5 great places to make the most of your baby budget that you might not have considered. I've done a lot of shopping around and a lot of research and thought I'd share with you some of the things I learned and that have helped me and can help you with your exciting baby preparation plans.

I'd love to hear if you have anything extra to add.


Think about the cost per wear/use as that might make some of the prices a bit more palatable. Ask yourself how long you intend on using it or wearing it for. Do you want to hand it down? For clothing, I'd recommend spending more on the stuff 6 months plus as that's when it really needs to be robust for babies on the move. Until then, they grow fast and up the sizes faster.



Go for quality over price or name. Going cheap and it not lasting is a totally false economy. You spend the same in the end but end up with something half as good. The brands we shop with I choose because I have road tested a lot and they are the ones that are consistent with quality, design and also, rewarding customer loyalty! See more on that here.


Similarly, the most expensive doesn't always mean the best - either in general, or the best for you. Again, it's all about quality and finish.



Ask your friends. You don't have to take all of their advice, take what you want and politely say thanks for the rest. But, if they've been there, tap into that resource, they'll be happy to share


Set a budget you stick to. But, make it realistic. Have a look at what's cheapest and whats most expensive and find some middle ground within your budget, so you're not starting at your top end. Starting from the top is a total budget killer! You can find something to suit your budget. Whatever that is.


Read reviews - yes, some can be a bit iffy, but there are some things that might help. I always give reviews based on what I would ask and want to know, and what others have asked or I think might want to know,  so we can give an honest, rounded evaluation. Look specifically for reviews done by verified purchasers.


Look for offers and events. Sign up for mailing lists and reward schemes as you get so many offers that way. Some brands are excellent at rewarding loyalty and they give perks to those loyal customers signed up to mailing lists. I find and share so many offers this way. It's how I got our 4* stay in Liverpool for £94 for two people, including breakfast!


Read: A stay at the new 4* Liverpool Pullman|Albert Docks


Baby preparations| 10 tips for buying for baby


Buyer's Remorse is a thing (not just a funny scene in Clueless. There's an article here giving and insight into the psychology). It's simplistic, but don't buy something which will stress you financially, or otherwise. Just make sure you have the essentials in the best quality you can afford, so you get longevity and value and you will be just fine. B is 10 months, they grow fast. Really fast. Just concentrate on the happiness and you won't regret it.


Don't automatically discount big brands that have products that you feel fit your needs. You might well be able to afford them, it's just a matter of being savvy. That's where I come in!


Follow this blog! I love great quality things and would rather invest in the best I can afford. I don't let my budget limit my brand or quality choices, instead,  I shop savvy to get the products I want within my budget. You'll find lots of posts linked below on what I've bought and seen and what we're buying  as well as YouTube videos showing the stuff, so you can see for yourself.


Baby preparations| 10 tips for buying for baby

Hopefully these tips help a little bit. Feel free to comment and ask any questions you have. And also, share with anyone who might find this useful by clicking the share icons below.

Any more tips? I am all ears!

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Kitty & B x


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  • I remember how excited I was when I was shopping for my unborn twins. It was a lot of fun.

  • 7 years ago

    Hi Kat,
    This is a really useful post.
    When I had my first baby, I bought so much that I didn’t need.
    I learned my lesson with my second baby!


    • 7 years ago

      I’m glad you found it useful. I absolutely know what you mean about it being so easy to get carried away! I’d definitely be different from the start with a second, too! x

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