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10 Ways to Declutter and maximise your wardrobe like a pro

10 Ways to Declutter and maximise your wardrobe like a pro

10 Ways to Declutter and maximise your wardrobe like a pro

Declutter and Maximise your clothes Kitty and BDeclutter and Maximise your clothes Kitty and B

10 ways to maximise and declutter your wardrobe that you can definitely do.

When is it time to do a wardrobe declutter? Well, is your wardrobe an example of can’t see the wood for the trees? When my wardrobe is too full I find myself going for the same small collection of things each time, whilst the other stuff languishes at the back, itching for an outing.  So, to make more of the pieces I already have and to successfully declutter and repurpose, I’ve been using these 10 wardrobe hacks.

I have been having my seasonal wardrobe clear out and I have come up with some awesome hacks that have massively helped me and will help you, too. This clear out has been even more exciting because I have been reacquainted with clothes that I haven’t been able to or  haven’t wanted to for a while. Pregnancy will do that!


Try it ALL on.

It’s simple, but how often do you actually try things on? Have a clear out like the scene in SATC. Bring  wine, bring friends, whatever you need and and try everything on. You may be surprised at what fits and what doesn’t.  Have you got 3 linen pieces that you never wear because you don’t want to iron them? Or, 5 clingy pieces that you hate the way the type of fabric clings in all the wrong places? Trying them on will give you an idea of styles and fabrics you like, so you can hone your style and shop more savvy in the future and  avoid the styles that never see daylight.

Or, you might see you have so many black trousers that it encourages you to go for a complete change and break out from your style diet plateau.

Organise into seasons and store what you won’t be wearing.

Organise your clothes into seasons. This way when the season change it’s like having a whole new wardrobe. Let’s be honest, the British weather doesn’t help with this, but who says you can’t wear your spring colours in the April showers and just throw over a mac or some coordinating tights, or even leggings.

Buy some vacuum storage packs and then you can store what’s not in season.  I can’t tell you how much they have transformed my life! They massively reduce the amount of space your clothes take up – even for the big stuff, like winter coats. Plus, it’ll give you so much room to see what you have left.



Upcyclng is all about getting creative and crafty – but, don’t be alarmed, it can be as simple as cutting those frayed but comfortable jeans into a pair of shorts. I love dyeing clothes and I often dye pieces to to either give them a new lease of new life, or change it up completely. I hate when blacks fade to grey, so I tend to re-dye those pieces black again and it works a treat.

We use these fabric dyes that come in loads of colours and can be used in the machine like a normal cycle. I bought an amazing Ted Baker bandage dress in TK MAXX for about £20. The style was perfect, but I wasn’t keen on the colour. So, I just dyed it  black and it looks amazing! Shh, don’t tell Ted!

You can’t dye all fabrics and you have a weight limit of how much a packet will dye – but, it’s usually  around the the weight of pair of jeans per pack.

Check out this account on Twitter and browse their site for more awesome tips and tricks: Love your Clothes

Declutter and Maximise your clothes Kitty and B


Make some shavings.

Invest in a Bobble Off to spruce things up again. Do you ever get those annoying little bobbles on your clothes that make them look worn? You can actually get rid of them! I’ve had a bobble off or derivatives of for at least 10 years now and I love it. It’ll change your life in terms of improving the look of your clothes and making them wearable again! It’s essentially a little shaver with a protective guard, so that you can safely shave off all those bobbles. You’ll be surprised at how much getting rid of those bobbles makes such a difference. Your clothes will look and feel like new and it’s pretty therapeutic too.


You can see a selection here: The Ultimate Bobble Removing Collection !

Declutter and Maximise your clothes Kitty and B



Get it Fixed.

Get it fixed. Organise a pile of all the things that need to be fixed – broken zip, frayed hem, missing button – and get it sorted. If they are beyond repair and you can’t even upcycle them into something else, there’s no point hanging onto them. You can either sell them by weight. Do a Google search for somewhere close to you, but do check reviews as there are some unsavoury places. Some charities will also take those clothes, so it’s worth looking into it.



Sort into Type and Colour.

Organise into types and colours. I have to do this so I can quickly go to what I want. Need a skirt? Yes, there they all are in the skirts section, handily next to all the other black skirts! Now I just need to choose which one. This will also tell you what you have in abundance and what you’re missing.

Declutter and Maximise your clothes Kitty and B


Wear it. Take notes. Keep or Ditch.

Some people say, if you haven’t worn it for 6 months, you should get rid. I don’t entirely agree. I might not have worn a thick coat for a while, but it doesn’t mean it won’t come out again when I reach for that season’s vacuum packs. If you haven’t worn it for a couple of years, make it your mission to wear it. If you still can’t find a way to wear it, get rid! Follow me as I put this one into action. See the post here: An Outfit a Day in May.


Take a #Selfie.

Take a photo or selfie of an outfit/combo you like. File it under <3 on your phone or laptop and when you feel stuck for Inspo, you have your own right there.

Declutter and Maximise your clothes Kitty and B
Take a photo or selfie of an outfit/combo you like.



Sell, sell, sell to buy, buy, buy.

Now you’ve had a thorough declutter, sell the wardrobe deletes to buy something more fabulous. You’ve defined and honed your style by deciding what you don’t want, so you can sell it onto someone who will want it so and you can buy something that you’re missing. There are lots places, but big hitters are eBay, Preloved, Twicely, or Depop  You can use Depop on your Instagram feed as your gallery of wares to show what the clothes look like on.

Maintain your staple wardrobe diet.

Update your wardrobe like a pro. There are loads of blogs and articles on wardrobe staples. It’s all about personal style and taste, but after you’ve done tip 7, you’ll have a good idea of your staples. I personally think you need the following in the best quality and fit you can afford:

  • a good pair of jeans and trousers
  • a white shirt
  • some great flats
  • a pair of statement heels or wedges
  • a maxi dress
  • a little black dress
  • a Mac
  • A well fitted blazer or jacket
  • a long line cardigan or jacket

Whatever your style, once you have your capsule wardrobe of staples and then you can make updates to that depending on how your style or fashion evolves. You can switch it up with jewellery, a scarf or a belt or a bag.

What are your wardrobe must-haves?  How do you declutter or make the most of your wardrobe, we’d love to know!


Kitty & B x


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