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An Outfit a Day in May| #OADIM

An Outfit a Day in May| #OADIM





I'm wearing a different outfit everyday in May, hence An Outfit a Day in May, or #OADIM! 

At the start of the month,  I decided I needed to declutter and reacquaint myself with some of the long forgotten things in my wardrobe. It was almost laughable and really quite sad  how few things I have been wearing recently. I had my little post-pregnancy wardrobe edit when I shared the post on it and I have literally worn those things to death. And I will continue to, as I love them. But, what about the things I haven't worn for at least a year because I've been pregnant or breastfeeding or just too big for them? Sob!

Well, they are all still there and either need to be worn or just removed to make way for something better!

After following the decluttering tips in How to maximise your closet like a pro I've whittled my wardrobe down. Somewhat! I've cast away some things that I won't wear and put together a pile of things that I want to repair or upcycle. But,  I am clinging  onto some things that have been barely worn - time to bring out the big guns!

I realise that I love dresses but stopped wearing many of them because they weren't breastfeeding friendly. No one wants to be hoiking their dress over their head to give baby a feed! Now, I have no real excuse not to wear them. And no real excuse to keep reaching for the same things daily.

So, in order to whittle down my wardrobe even more, I am going to try and wear a different outfit every day in May.

The British weather is not on my side, but that just means I'll have to get more creative to make more of what I have.


What am I hoping for?


  • I'm hoping it will make me fall back in love with some pieces that have been languishing at the back of my wardrobe for a while.
  • It'll give me a kick to stop wearing the same things every day
  • To be able to fit into pieces I haven't tried on for a while is definitely a welcome treat after having B last year
  • It'll sort from the keeps from the deletes. If I really don't feel like wearing certain items, they will be going on Preloved, eBay or to charity
  • By making a note of what I think and how I feel wearing them, it'll serve to remind me why I should wear them and how and also, why I don't wear them. Thus, making the final cull easier.

I'll try to post either here or on our Instagram @kittyandb  and let you know what's in and what's out, using the snappy hashtag #OADIM Outfit A Day in May.

Why don't you join me and see what wonders your wardrobe can provide and get your sartorial juices flowing!

Also, stop by our post 10 ways to maximise your wardrobe and don't forget to enter the Birthday Bag Giveaway

If you have any other wardrobe whittling tricks, we'd love to hear them. Are you a hoarder or an efficient wardrobe editor?




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