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Joules Baby| What I Bought in the Sales | Video

Joules Baby| What I Bought in the Sales | Video

Joules Baby Clothes Kitty and B

Joules Baby Clothes Kitty and B

We have finally finished part 3 of our huge baby clothes haul! This is all about the great stuff we bought in the Joules Baby sales and my first impressions caught on camera.

Apologies for the delay, we had all sorts of technical difficulties with uploading to YouTube, but all three videos should be up (and working) now! There’s a post for each video, linking the products,  or alternatives as I know it can be frustrating when things aren’t available.

  1. Mothercare
  2. Mamas and Papas The Bonnie Mob
  3. Joules.

This is basically the shop I did where I was preparing for next winter, too as I always buy things in the sales for the coming seasons. Good quality never goes out of style! The stuff I picked up from Joules Baby is super adorable. You can see my genuine reactions as I open the box and packages for the first time and what I think about the sizing.

B isn’t in this video as everything apart from the mittens is in bigger sizes (12 months plus).

You can get free delivery on orders over £49.00here.

Joules Baby Clothes Kitty and B

The original blog post and what I paid is here, including other things I didn’t get for myself but that I thought were worth sharing: Get the Labels for Less| Joules.

You can still find some of the stuff and more as they do womens, mens, children, baby and homewares, here at Joules Outlet

This series has been so popular, including the one on Mango Monochrome| Under £25  so we’ll be doing more in the future. I’m also feeling a little more comfortable on YouTube, so thanks so much for your support. The next videos are brewing in my mind! Make sure to subscribe here for free and give a thumbs up as that is how we know we’re doing a good job and it means you won’t miss the next videos when they go live!

All the products, or alternatives are linked after the video.


Joules Baby Clothes Kitty and B

1. Giftset (alt. £14.95 from £34.95) 2. Muslins (alts £6.95 from 14.95) 3. Mittens £3.95 from £9.95 4. Hat (alt £5.95 from £12.95 5. Jumper (alt £8.95 from £24.95)

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Have a look at Kapinda’s blog for her latest haul of girl’s clothes. Mummy and Daughter Collective Haul.

Lots of love


Kitty & B x

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