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The day to night outfit | Putting one dress to the transition test

The day to night outfit | Putting one dress to the transition test

The day to night outfit | Putting one dress to the transition test

...Brunch to Evening Drinks

I’ve put this dress to the day to night test and want to share with you some tips for dressing for the transition. We’ll combine it with a bit of what I’ve been up to and some recommendations of where to eat and drink in London and Yorkshire!

This dress has gamely accompanied me from brunch in London to drinks in Yorkshire and looking back, I realised there are 4 elements to successfully transitioning one key piece. So, before we get started, here’s what I learned…

Day to night outfits

This weather is so changeable at the moment. We are meteorologically in Spring,  but it’s sunshine one day and snowstorms the next. So, what on earth do you wear to see you through the transitions not just in the weather, but also for day to night?

I’ve been sociable for the first time in a long time over the last couple of months and I have really been enjoying it. This white dress from Tobi has pretty much been with me for everything! Sometimes you just need a transition outfit that you can wear day to night. Or, day to evening in my case!

Four tips to help you with transition dressing

1. Layers

Layering is your friend for transitioning seasons. But, layers and being able to shed them is key to dressing from day to night. So you don’t want to start with anything too heavy as your base, instead use your coat/jacket/blazer and scarf for those extra layers during the day. But at night, you want to be able to shed those layers and look and feel more nighttime ready!

2. A Neutral Base

Start with a neutral base. I love a white dress.  No, they are not toddler mum friendly at all, which is why I always jump at the chance to wear one when I’m baby-free. But, it’s also so easy to transition a neutral piece because you can add or take away from it according to the occasion.

Perhaps controversially, leopard print is also a neutral to me, too. Layer up your print with more muted pieces and you’re onto a winner.

3. Shape and style

The perennial, fail-safe wardrobe multitaskers are jumpsuits (you know I love jumpsuits) and dresses. You can wear them whatever the occasion and a one piece style is so much easier to deal with than separates.

For dresses, I think A line is the most flattering shape and as this dress shows, it doesn’t have to be boring or frumpy and leaves plenty of room for Spanx and for eating big bowls of pasta!

4. Accessories

Accessories and footwear change everything. I’ve been wearing this white dress in rather gloomy weather, but imagine it with some bolder accessories in say, aquamarine and gold and without tights? It would look entirely different. Or for Spring, coordinating with some nude shoes and blush pinks or 2018’s colour of the year, ultraviolet?


Back to what I’ve been up to. The first stop for me was a weekend in London. This was a long overdue catch up with one of my best friends Michele, who also gets dragged in for photographic duties quite a bit on this blog (she did a great job on the outfit photos in Malta on how to wear navy and why you should take a Malta mini break ).

Anyway, I had planned to visit her in London for my birthday (May) and then hers later on, but operations and life and being mum to a toddler meant it kept being canceled and postponed. One thing about 2018 I said was that I was going to try to get some sort of social life back. And I needed to do it before my next birthday!

We actually went to a lobster brunch and daytime party on the Saturday at the Cuckoo Club in Mayfair. That was a new experience!  Then on Sunday, more brunch at London Bridge before I got my train home.

It’s no secret that I hate the Tube. I also don’t particularly enjoy wearing heels when I am trying to navigate the streets of London. So to head out, and because we were running late, I just put on my trusty Ted Baker flats. They’ve been on this blog since it began and I’ve just found and bought them again on sale for £26. I honestly wear them everywhere and for everything, they really should be given an award for services to my wardrobe!

I wore them with the La Redoute checked coat from this post and an almost clashing but still coordinated super soft ‘cashmink’ scarf.

Thanks to the La Redoute PR for featuring this look on your Instagram page, it was a total honour – I literally squeaked when I got the notification! I really did!

We met up with some of Michele’s good friends for brunch at Pulia near London Bridge.  A lovely Italian restaurant with great service and delicious food. You know it’s good when it leaves you wanting more. Even after a sizeable bowl of gnocchi!

We caught up on the previous night’s events, online dating horror stories with the usual silliness over olives, breads a glass of wine,  vongole and more.

By this point I’d swapped to black mid heel ankle boots to give me some height and because I love them with opaque tights – they keep me warm, act as pseudo Spanx and lengthen my legs!

The A line style of the dress served me well, expertly concealing the food baby I was quietly nurturing.

Next we headed for a quick pit stop at Boro Bistro. This was a bit nostalgic for me as it’s somewhere I used to go with another of my best friends when we both worked in London. It’s a little gem of a place, so I’d highly recommend it if you’re looking for a bar or somewhere to eat near London Bridge.

It’s a French bistro and bar that serves food cooked predominantly from the nearby Borough Market. It’s quirky with little touches that will have you smiling and wanting to tell others, but secretly hoping that it stays bijou!

Even though it wasn’t warm, we still sat outside in the shabby French chic outside area, right next to the heaters with all the blankets they kindly provided.


My first weekend of being a social being: done! I was smiling through my hideous fatigue afterwards and much lighter of pocket, but it was great to catch up and to remind me to have some bloody fun!

Before this,  it was much less out out and just after work drinks on a Monday (that usually end up being more than one) because that was when B was at his dad’s.  Now, we’ve switched things slightly, a whole world of Saturday nights has opened up.

So, where would I go with this new found freedom? …Skipton!

Skipton? Yes, I mean that little town with a castle in North Yorkshire. Skipton has changed a lot in terms of bars and restaurants over the years since ventured there infrequently as a student.

Now there seem to be far more little bars and bistros to add to the traditional pubs, with one notable addition to the high street, Alexander’s. I’d seen while passing and thought that terrace looks right up my street.

So, I invited a friend to come and check it out with me over early evening drinks. With trains to catch home, it was never going to be an excessively late one (which, these days is a welcome blessing!). We didn’t eat, but I loved the vibe and will certainly be back.

Transitioning this look to early evening and beyond was very easy. All I changed was adding some black over the knee kitten heeled Stella Mccartney boots. That was it and I felt more than comfortable amongst the evening crowd.

I feel they just add a little extra sass for the evening, without me feeling overexposed. And again, I can wear my tights for extra warmth and tummy tucking and no one will ever know…!

A little side note: I am wearing this Tobi dress in an XS and I’m 5′ 2.5″ and a UK 6. Plenty of room though, especially with the A-line. The fabric is lightweight, so you’d want to consider that with what you wear underneath and also for care. I wouldn’t recommend a normal white wash cycle for this one. Oh, and it also comes in black and lilac.

And, in terms of underwear for the open back, I did my usual trick of a padded halterneck bikini top. Keeps all the members assembled and the straps are easy to hide in the design ;o).

So, there you go,  with one dress, I have successfully navigated not only getting out and being sociable but also the changeable weather and a variety of different occasions. Plus, crossing the North South divide! I’d say that’s the kind of loyalty you want in your wardrobe.

Summer will see me styling this without tights (sacre bleu!) and with sandals and wedges or heels.

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Have you got any tips for day to night outfits, I'd love to hear them!

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