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4 Steps to a perfect base: Real Techniques Base Core Collection

4 Steps to a perfect base: Real Techniques Base Core Collection

Real Techniques Core Collection review.
Real Techniques Core Collection review.


Discovering Real Techniques Base Core Collection

Discovering Real Techniques: It turns out that it's not actually that difficult for non make up pros to get a perfect makeup base and it doesn't cost the earth either! Yes, 4 (easy) steps and anyone can create the perfect, flawless makeup base.  I'm late to the Real Techniques party, but I am not someone you can describe as a make up brush/ tools expert. But, I love what you can create with makeup and have watched enough videos of strangers doing their makeup on YouTube to know that what you use to apply your makeup is just as important, if not more so, as the products you use.

I haven't been asked or paid for this post, I just wanted to share it. Coming from watching behind the scenes videos (yes, videos) from The Clothes Show in my teens where we were told that our hands made the perfect tools, it's what I generally did. Yes, I have quite a few different brushes and I discovered the joy of the beauty blender only last year, but I just didn't really know that much about or understand which quality brushes to buy and use. What I know now, is using the right brushes can achieve so much better coverage and finish. 

An  affordable product can give an amazing finish to rival some of the more expensive brands, with the right tools.

So, whilst I explore these tools, I have been trying out some affordable, but highly rated amongst pros makeup brushes from Real Techniques. I couldn't escape the hype, but somehow only just succumbed and got this Base Core Collection set from Boots. I picked it up at the train station for £9.99 on offer and it retails at around £20ish.  It was rude not to!

For those who don't know, Real Techniques is a brand started by British sisters Sam and Nic Chapman, who are professional, world-renowned make up artists and who run the hugely successful YouTube channel Pixiwoo

The beauty in the brand that they have created is that they have made doing your makeup beautifully and professionally accessible to all women and the products themselves are easy to use, well-made, and affordable. As make up artists, they know exactly what works. Plus, they all come with video tutorials!



What do you get

4 brushes made of synthetic, yet super soft fibres. They are lightweight and have aluminium handles which are long and make them easier to use. 

1.Contour Brush suitable for powder contour or blush. Fits perfectly into the cheek hollows for a nice contour or blush. I also sometimes use it for powder highlight. 

2. Buffing Brush (my favourite!). Gives really good, smooth coverage for powder and mineral foundation. I don't really use foundation but I use this to buff and smooth things out and for powder, it's perfect.

3. Pointed Foundation Brush. Great for liquid foundation and building up coverage. 

4. Detailer Brush. This is like it says, for details like concealer or even lipstick. The brush is really small and cut perfectly to get into creases. I almost never wear lipstick, so I personally like it for placing eyeshadow or highlight on my nose or brow bone. It works a treat.

Access to online tutorials.

Case which doubles as a stand. You can also use it to dry the brushes after they've been washed. 




Why they're for you

If you ever wear makeup and you want it to look good and apply really easily, they're for you.  I find these brushes make application really easy and I need less time to blend. If I'm doing a day to day look, which usually consists of 5 minutes application time, these help! Also, if you don't want to spend hours cleaning and drying your brushes, these are super easy to clean and they and perform look like new when you're done. 



Having used them for the last month, I'm suitably impressed. I like the size and shape of the contour brush. But, the buffing brush is my absolute fave. 

I haven't experienced shedding and they wash really well and come back as fluffy and soft as they start. If you want more on using and washing brushes, the Real Techniques channel is fab



Are they worth a go?

Yes, yes and thrice yes! They do what they're supposed to, they're easy to use and they're a great price.  If you're looking for an affordable kit, even if you're not a make up expert but are interested in improving your application, I think they make such a good initial investment. Would make such good Christmas pressies too.

Where can you buy them?

You can buy them all over the place on and offline. As I mentioned, I bought mine in Boots and got them for half price. At the moment, there's an offer on to buy one and get one set half price. I've got my eye on the metallics collection, which look super stylish. Might be something to put my Boots advantage card points to as I've been saving them all year! So keep looking out for offers there.


I'd love to know if you have any recommendations, so please let me know! 



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