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Why every parent should go to a baby disco + Monski Mouse Baby Disco #Giveaway

Why every parent should go to a baby disco + Monski Mouse Baby Disco #Giveaway

Why every parent should go to a baby disco + Monski Mouse Baby Disco #Giveaway

You shall go to the ball

Is there anything more adorable than watching a baby dance? I have so many videos of B dancing and I never get bored! Music is something we all enjoy, and not least our little ones. So, yes, that’s why we should get the music going and and watch our babies, toddler and kids dance. And also have a little boogies ourselves!

Baby rave, baby disco, baby dance, whatever you want to call it, it’s an absolute must. In fact, not just babies, little ones up to 5 can go raving with you.

We’re here to offer you 5 reasons why every parent and carer should take their baby to a disco. Plus, there’s the chance to win tickets to the legendary Monski Mouse Baby Disco for a family of 4!


Babies love music

Now this is as good a reason as any, right. As I said, you only have to see how they react when any music plays. In fact, premature babies in intensive care units have been found to gain weight faster and leave the hospital sooner when they listen to 30 minutes of Mozart a day

We’ve heard or done that thing in pregnancy where we play music to the bump and feel it do a little dance and that’s because babies can respond to music in the womb. Yes, a baby can detect sounds from the 3rd trimester.

This continues through the lullabies we sing and the nursery rhymes we find ourselves singing and dancing along to (most of the time, in place of all those old tunes we used to listen to).

Why toddle when you can dance


Babies are born to dance

Research by the University of York suggests that babies may be born with a pre disposition to move rhythmically in response to music. More than anything, they liked the beat and “the better the children were able to synchronize their movements with the music the more they smiled”.


It’s a great bonding experience

Even if our playlist has evolved to include nursery rhymes,  there’s also something so special about introducing our littles ones to the songs we love, too. Whenever I hear Fleetwood Mac or Paul Simon, it takes me back to my childhood – long summers and seemingly endless drives to B&Q!

Whether your baby or toddler is in a chair, in a sling, running riot, there is something so magical about dancing with them. One of my favourite things, and part of my first year as a mum bucket list, was to go to a baby disco and I’ve been erm, raving about them ever since!

B has been lucky to have been able to do his little baby dance with me, his dad and his grandparents and we have no plans to stop. What’s great news for new dads is that hanging out with dad early on can boost a baby’s brain power later down the line!


Dance improvisation can help children’s creativity

Whilst we’re all together making our baby dance, we  can also throw in some free style and we’re all winners again. That’s  because improvisation has been reported as important contributor to  improving kids’ creativity. Yes, it’s been listed as one of 5 ways to make your child a creative genius!

This is not just on the dance floor, the study by The University of Surrey found, improvised dance helped creativity in other areas.


Every parent needs a night (day) out

Who needs a night out more than a parent! Ok, so we’ve switched nights to days and cocktails to juice. But, we still have the music and the dance.  And, in some ways the fun is even better. Plus, no hangover!

That phrase, “dance like no one is watching” must have been made with kids in mind. They do everything with such energy and that’s the beauty of childhood and the true beauty of dance. So, shrug off those adult sensibilities and get down!

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The Giveaway

We’re giving away tickets for a family of four to the parent and little person approved Monski Mouse Baby Disco at the Udderbelly Festival in London on either Sunday 28 May at 3pm or Monday 29 May at 1pm.

All you have to do is comment below and tell us what song reminds you of your childhood?

Then, make sure you’re following Monski Mouse on Twitter to show her some love. Lots more options available to gain extra entries. And you could always enter as a gift for a friend of family who would love to go. An early Father’s Day present to get the man you love to get his dad dance on!

They’re not in the giveaway, but there are dates all over the UK and we’ll be at the Yorkshire one,  so come and say hi!

The Important Bits

The giveaway closes on 24 May and we’ll contact you within 2 hrs. Please supply us with the names for the tickets no later than 25 May. Must include one child. Your tickets will be waiting for you at one of the two events you choose.

UK Only.

What song reminds you of your childhood?

About Monski Mouse

Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco Dance Hall has played the festival circuit internationally for the last six years to sell out crowds and rave reviews at festivals including Spark Children’s Festival, Salisbury International Arts Festival, Norfolk & Norwich Festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Freedom Festival Hull, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe, Brighton Fringe and more!
Australian DJ Monski Mouse is based in London, where she lives with her husband, magician Tony Roberts and their two children Monalisa, 7 years and Humphrey, 2 years.

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