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NCC Weight Management Consultant Diploma First Impressions

NCC Weight Management Consultant Diploma First Impressions

NCC Weight Management Consultant Diploma First Impressions


Why I am studying for the NCC Weight Management Consultant Diploma

Hola! We might be in Spain right now, but that hasn’t stopped me from getting stuck into my NCC Weight Management Consultant Diploma! One of the benefits of studying online.

Fitness, sports, nutrition, weight and health have been a big part of my life in both healthy and unhealthy ways. I’m on a positive, balanced path and a healthy relationship with food, exercise and my body.

I love them for all the benefits they give, not just the physical appearance. Which is why I feel so happy to be asked by the lovely readers of this blog to share my tips. Hopefully,  you’ll have seen my last post with a little motivation (and research) to get you going on your fitness resolutions.

Posts like that and my healthy recipes make me feel really proud because when I started this blog, I always wanted to learn and share what I find helpful to help motivate and inspire others and to increase my own knowledge and health.

So, when I was given the opportunity to choose a course via NCC Home Learning and of course, I chose the Weight Management Consultant Diploma!  I was so excited because when  I looked at the course content, it covered a lot of areas  that I wanted to talk more about on this blog and I hoped it would help me on my journey to becoming a health and fitness professional. Plus, with a toddler and a full-time job and a blog and YouTube channel, the fact it’s completely online is a huge bonus.

First Impressions Count

First thoughts were the ease of logging in. I am directed straight to my individualised course portal and could start straight away. The portal has a really clear format so it’s easy to find everything you need, with all the modules linked on the left side. You simply click on module 1 and get going. There’s a help guide if you need it, which you can also download and/or print. It gives super easy instructions with photos and information on everything you need from setting your browser, to navigating the course.  But, I found just getting going really intuitive and user friendly. Even if you aren’t particularly technical, you don’t need extra skills just to be able to complete it, other than a basic knowledge of how to navigate links.

Module 1 talks a lot about obesity and the struggles (some obvious and some not) that obese people might feel. The tone is quite warm and the language easy to follow. It acknowledges the challenges and the pitfalls of being a weight management consultant and is littered with real life examples. It covers what you can do and real examples of pros of cons of setting up as weight management consultant.

The next modules cover topics like the digestive system and disorders, food labels, eating disorders, BMI, creating diet plans and so it really does cover a really solid spectrum for dealing with nutrition, diet and promoting healthy eating habits for individual needs.

You can enter a preview or real mode and on this course, you are allowed multiple attempts – which takes the pressure off a little bit! But, if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to pass each module first time. So far, I’ve managed it, so I want to keep that track record!

“On completion of this course the learner will have gained a fully comprehensive knowledge of why people may wish to lose weight and an understanding of eating disorders and how the digestive system works. By the end of this course the learner will have gained the knowledge that will allow them to read and understand food labels, work out a client’s Body Mass Index and have the ability to be able to run their own weight management consultancy.”


You’re assigned a tutor and submit assessments via the portal. It’s all very straightforward. Which is what you need when you’re juggling a lot, like most people who study online are!




As I mentioned, you’re assigned a tutor for additional support, and you can contact NCC themselves Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm, 4.30pm on a Friday. I haven’t needed any additional support yet, but it’s great to know it’s so easy to get hold of your tutor by email when you need to.

What you need

Not a lot! Which is what makes it ideal. You don’t need to buy any additional course material (unless you really want to!), because everything you need is there on your individualised portal and you can refer back whenever you like. So, to get going, you just need:



An appetite to study something new.

You will receive the course manual, assignments plus tutor support by mail and email…Our student support team are also available for any other queries that you may have whilst completing your Diploma. You can be assured that unlimited support is available for your home study course, so there is no need to struggle or feel isolated during your studies.


The Cost

The courses range in prices and there are loads of options. Now would be a great time to sign up for one  to hit off your new year’s resolutions, or as a Christmas as NCC have 30% off all courses during December! There are so many courses, including GSCE’s, A Levels, QCFs, NVQs, and PI courses and diplomas like the Weight Management Consultant Diploma I’m studying for. That course is currently £285, reduced from £408 and you can sign up with a £35 deposit and/or pay in instalments (eg. £42 a month for 6 months).

Is online for you?

If you like to work at your own pace and work around your commitments and whenever you want, it’s perfect. I had to take a break because of moving and not having wifi (it was bad!), but it’s so easy to pick it back up now and that’s what’s been great for me. If I have an hour or so, I just pick up my notebook and log on and do a bit more.

If you prefer a class-based structure you can take one of the other courses. There are loads more and I am already planning what I’ll be doing once I finish this one.

The verdict so far?

I am really enjoying studying this way and it’s really sparked my interest back up again to achieve my long-held ambition to get myself into the world of fitness and health professionally. I love the fact I can fit it around all my other commitments and also that I’m learning so much more which is helping me with my own health and will also allow me to help other people with theirs. Win win!

What would you study? 

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