How to Wear Pastels in 2019| Trend Watch

How to Wear Pastels in 2019| Trend Watch

How to Wear Pastels in 2019| Trend Watch

Spring 2019 Trends: Pastels

Pastels are something we probably already have in our wardrobe, but sometimes we just need a little inspiration for how to refresh how we wear them.  Each year there is a reload and an update, so here we have your inspiration for how to wear pastels for 2019.

The last Spring trends post was on polka dots with how to wear them this SS18. Plus, we hosted a gorgeous bag giveaway there, so if you’re not on the mailing list to be notified first of the next one, get yourself on our mailing list here! Today, we’re onto a Spring staple – pastels. Is it even Spring if there aren’t any pastels?!

Last year, I didn’t really get involved, but this year I am actually excited about all the pastel loveliness out there and the updated ways to wear them. And, to think, I really didn’t consider myself as a pastels type of woman – let alone someone with the number of pink toned pieces that have found their way into my style!

As always, I love the classic with a twist style and adding an unexpected colour, style or accessory really brings pastels right into 2018.

This outfit is a super easy outfit, especially for that Spring transition. This mauve pink jumper dress from Tobi is really soft and comfortable can be adapted easily to the weather and the occasion. It calls in that fresh Spring palette, but I love the detail on the RI bag with the pop of yellow, just to give the whole look something extra. Paired with those grey boots again or sandals, I love it!

Oh, and it also comes in wine £28 and black £13. Perfect for later in the year.

And that is exactly what we’re talking about this year, wearing things in new combinations, mixing fabrics, playing with colour and enjoying combining what’s in the shops with what’s already in our wardrobes.

Pastel Trends for 2018

Monochrome Pastels

1. Pastel Blue Suit (Sold as separates) 2.Yellow Palazzo Pants £69 3.Blush pink Set (sold as separates)

If I could give the award for the easiest way to look stylish in 2018, monochrome would be being called to the podium right now! Head to toe in one colour – not just the classic black – is such a strong look that is so easy to adapt.

Suits are huge this year, and you’ll see a lot of suits with shorts this Spring/Summer season. The look doesn’t have to be the same shade, it can be tonal, with varying shades of the same colour. But, the golden rule is head to toe and I love it!

Pastel Stripes

1. Pastel Striped Ruffle Dress £19.00 (on sale)2.Pastel Stripe Maxi Dress £74 3.Stripe Co-Ord Set (sold as separates)

Pastels and stripes are just made for each other. The pastel striped dress with ruffles is one I bought last Spring and it’s still here for this year. See how I wore it in Malta here.It’s the perfect look for a summer party, a wedding or a festival. Floaty and easy to wear and easy to accessorise with neutral materials, like the bamboo bag in this post, or with metallic accessories.

Co-ord sets of coordinated tops and bottoms are big on the fashion radar this year. But what’s great is they give you so many outfit options because you can mix and match, like this Finders Keepers one.

Pastels with mixed fabrics and colours

1.Pleated Pastel Yellow Ombre Midi Skirt £29.99. 2. Pastel Pink Top £17.99 3. Pastel Yellow Trousers £29.99

Mixed prints can be seen everywhere and I gave you some inspiration with polka dots in the last Spring trends post. But, what I love is seeing pastels with a bold print or a contrasting colour. Have a look in your wardrobe and mix and match a few pieces for a really modern, yet stylish look.

Yellow looks amazing either as a lemon shade mixed with a print or as the perfect ‘pop’ against a pastel. And, red and pink is trending hugely as the go-to colour combination to continue into Autumn Winter 2018.

Lilac Toned Pastels

1.Lilac coat with pearl detail £80 2. Lilac Metallic Court Shoes £18.50 3. Lilac Skinny Jeans £29.99

Ultraviolet is 2018’s Pantone colour of the year. This means that purple tones are slowly infiltrating the colour palette for everything from fashion to interiors. As a softer alternative, lilac or lavender is already everywhere on the high street, so let that purple reign! :o)

There you have it – pastels for 2018. I hope you’ve got lots of Spring fashion inspiration for how to wear what’s in your wardrobe already or for what to buy. I always look for how to show trends in a wearable way and I think we have achieved it!

What pastel shades or looks are you loving?

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  • 8 months ago
    I love your styles, I am really loving the pink and lilac - such delicate colours but warming too X #mmbc
  • 9 months ago
    I've seen so many lovely pastel stripes around. I bought a lovely dress from Oasis with them on. I haven't been brave enough to try pastel monochroming yet
  • 9 months ago
    I love the way you've mixed the pastels with the bolder colours and different fabrics it looks very striking. I'll have try experimenting with some combinations
  • 9 months ago
    I do love pastels. I really should wear them more often as they are the perfect colour for summer. I love the bag x
  • 9 months ago
    I've never been able to wear pastels, they make me look washed out. But looks great on you!
  • 9 months ago
    That blue pant suit is amazing - absolutely perfect for Spring! I may just have to invest in it...
  • Your outfit is beautiful and the prices are fab - I adore the boots but sadly they are now out of stock :( I don't wear many pastels but I do love the pastel stripes you featured and the weather has been so beautiful this spring I think everyone feels they need a few new pretty pieces :)
  • Lovely combinations of colours and styles. Pastels can sometimes seem so insipid, but they look really fresh and even vibrant here!
  • 9 months ago
    I love that pastels are coming back in! Has been so long since I've had a pastel pink top and that bag is just gorgeous!
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